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Elite Choice supports at-home consumers and their caregivers so that being cared for in your own home is a blessing for everyone.

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Elite Choice brings New York’s CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) services statewide.

There is nothing
worse than feeling
like a burden

Watching your child choose between paying the bills and your wellbeing makes you ache, but the thought of a stranger in your home sends a shiver down your back.

Did you know: Your loved one can get compensated for your care without having to take on extra jobs.

With Elite Choice you can get the care you deserve with peace of mind.

Guilt-free Care

CDPAP is a New York State Medicaid program that will compensate a caregiver of your choice to help you with daily living activities. You get the loving care you need without having to ask for favors.

Am I eligible?

In order to qualify for CDPAP
a person must

Be eligible for Medicaid
Need help with daily activities
Be able to direct their own care
Choose their caregiver

Who can be my caregiver?

Anyone 18 and older
Family member
Parent (for a child 21+)
Designated Representative

"The staff at Elite Choice are well trained to give each client the attention to details that makes such a huge difference. I referred a client to Elite Choice who is nearly 94 years old and needed some extra assistance. She now continues to live independently with a renewed sense of wellbeing thanks to the support that Elite Choice has provided her with."

Suzanne B
Coordinator, Health Home Care

"I was living and working far away from my Dad and I couldn’t be there for him. Now that he joined Elite Choice, I moved in with him and we spend the day together. Now, I can really be there for him and still pay all my bills."

Ramy A

"As my Mom needed more help at home, she resisted getting an aide because she was afraid of people rifling through her belongings. When she heard she could hire her own caregiver and it could be me and my sister, her wish came true."

Aurea P

Joseph's Story

Constanzio's Story

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Be cared for by someone you trust
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Getting started is simple

Our staff is ready to help you through the application process
on the phone or in person so that you can get the help you need fast.

Reach out

Our intake specialists will go through your care options to ensure that CDPAP is right for you.

Hire your caregiver

We'll help you with onboarding your “personal assistant” so that you can get started quickly.

Get started

Set up your schedule. We’ll teach you our simple clock in and out system. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

Why choose Elite Choice?

If caregiving is a superpower, then Elite Choice caregivers are superheroes. At Elite Choice, our
main concern is to support the consumer and caregiver in as many ways as we can.

for Statewide

Elite Choice is proud to be one of only 16 agencies that have been awarded as a Lead FI.


Your caregivers receive weekly pay through direct deposit. Your caregiver is there for you, we ensure that they are paid on time.


With our electronic visit verification system (EVV), we monitor your schedule for any discrepancies before pay is submitted. This way your caregiver is paid accurately each week.


We make it easy to keep track of your time, all the time.

Never Call

Our system ensures that you are routed to the correct person the first time you call.


Our staff is trained so that they are ready and able to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Choice from

Having trouble getting out? Don’t worry, Elite Choice will come to your home to help you apply.

Paid time

Caregivers need to recharge in order to give their best care 100% of the time. With Elite Choice, they get to structure their own PTO for optimal use.

Get care the way it’s meant to be